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Using Liquidation Deals Direct direct made my life much simpler. They take care of all the details and provide me with the loads that I need. Any issues I have Andrew takes care of. With the volume of loads we take, they make it easy.

Samantha GLas Vegas, Nevada

Using Liquidation Deals Direct made a huge difference for us. We only get virgin loads and the best price possible. Since dealing with them we have increased our sales and profit. It’s so nice to have a company that says what they mean, and stands behind the loads they deliver.

Joseph WSan Francisco, California

We buy foods loads from Liquidation Deals Direct and we couldn’t be happier. All great dates on them and regular loads to help us grow our volume. Would recommend it to anyone, just not in Chicago, lol.

Jetan KChicago, Illinois

We used to buy Amazon Loads that were picked through. Since we have been buying from Liquidation Deals Direct our product mix is better and were making more profit.

Janice HSyracuse New York State