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Welcome to Liquidation Deals Direct

We are one of the largest companies that liquidate Amazon Loads and Product returns. We take in Product Returns and Amazon Loads daily and sell them to wholesalers and retailers. Our products are always changing, so we can provide your customers with the products they want.

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Surplus Liquidation Stock

At Liquidation Deals Direct, we collaborate directly with e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Large Retailers to assist in liquidating surplus stock. Through acquiring clean customer returns and excess inventory in bulk, we pass on substantial discounts to our customers, offering Returns and Amazon liquidation truckloads at remarkably low prices!

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How It Works

Our Returns and Amazon truckloads primarily consist of missed deliveries, shelf-pulls, and clean returns, ensuring top-notch quality products.

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The first step to becoming our customer is to sign up with us. Fill out our sign up form so we can get to know your needs.

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Once you have become our customer, we will give you access to our exclusive returns, manifests and Amazon load listings.

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After you find some gaylords pallets or returns you are interested in, all that’s left to do is order them. It’s that quick & easy.

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Whats In The Boxes?

Within our Returns and Amazon bulk loads, you'll discover items across various categories on Amazon and in Major Retailers.







Home Decor

Small Furniture

General Merch



& Much More

Say Goodbye To Retail Prices

Our inventory stands as one of the most versatile in the market. Say goodbye to paying retail prices for bulk purchases; everything you need is conveniently available in one place. We can send you untouched virgin products or make custom Gaylord’s or loads to suit anyone’s needs.

In the past, our Returns and Amazon truckload customers have discovered products such as 3D printers, drones, LED lights, foldable bikes, watches, networking equipment, TV’s and high-value electronic gadgets.

No More Store Hopping

Are you new to online retailing? Our product mix is so diverse we can help out any new retailer or wholesaler trying to make their mark. We have a wide array of kitchenware, housewares, gadgets, clothing, furniture, food and more. All waiting to make you wonder why you didn’t find us sooner!

No longer do you need to go from supplier to supplier; we have everything you need in one place, streamlining your shopping experience. Recognizing that some online retailers prefer smaller products with lower shipping costs, we also offer multiple Amazon loads, some processed to remove larger items, thus reducing shipping expenses.